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5 Ways to Get Your Fiancé Dancing

On the day of your wedding, the pressure is high for your first dance as newlyweds to go perfectly. All eyes will be on you, and for many couples, this can make for one stressful situation—especially if you don’t like to dance. After a drink or two, many new brides are ready to bust a […] read more

6 Lovely Engagement Ring Styles

Whether you’re dreaming of your significant other proposing, you’re the significant other looking to propose, or you just love staring at diamonds all day (we know we do!), it would be an understatement to say that there are quite a few rings to choose from. They vary in all different ways—style, color, type of stone […] read more

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3 Inspirational Celebrity Wedding Slim Downs You Cannot Afford to Miss

So you’re getting married…. And you’re a celebrity? Like most brides-to-be, celebrity brides often make lifestyle changes in the leadup to their wedding to “slim down for the gown”. Unlike most brides-to-be however, not only do celebrity brides have their closest friends and family at their wedding, but they have the worlds paparazzi watching too […] read more

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Simple Actions You Can Take Today for Stress Free Wedding Planning

The love of your life proposed, you had the greatest day of your life so far, and then you realized…it’s time to start wedding planning. Whether you’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl or didn’t think about it until you found “the one,” most of us are starting from square […] read more

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Answered: Guaranteed Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Wedding Guests

We all want our weddings to be unique and to leave our guests thinking about them—for good reasons—for days or even weeks after they are over. What better way to do that than to surprise and delight your wedding guests with these ten fun tips below. • Pre-ceremony cocktails. Most guests don’t anticipate being able […] read more

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5 Signs You Might Be a Bridezilla

Planning a wedding is a surefire way to bring out both the best and worst of those involved, whether that’s the bride, groom, parents, or other loved ones. Wedding planning is a high-stress time, but nobody wants to be the world’s newest bridezilla. Worried you may be suffering from this ailment? Have no fear! Read […] read more

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Little known Money Saving Wedding Ideas

With a brand new, sparkly ring on your finger, it’s just about time to head full swing into wedding planning and start budgeting for your big day. With so much to pay for—caterers, the venue, bartenders, your dress, etc.—the little things can quickly add up and equal one extremely large bill. For most of us, […] read more